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Consuelo Scivoletto-Cordey, also known as Consu, is a versatile topliner, who draws from personal and emotional experiences to write empowering songs that combine pop, rock and electronica that feature guest vocalists.


Consu is a winner of the Covid-19 Composer award 2022.


"...Consuelo' songs touch on her classical background, as well as her love of pop and melodic rock..."

"...Her music makes for imaginative and atmospheric listening..."

"...Lyrically and musically she's completely at ease veering from edgy to soft and melodic in a heartbeat..."

(by Sarah Cartlidge, Bournemouth Daily Echo).


Consu writes songs for other artists and sync, hiring professional musicians as 'work for hire' to provide easy to clear 'one stop' solutions. She also composes modern-classical piano instrumentals that she performs on.


Consu is a member of PRS, PPL & The MLC. If you are interested in co-writing, licensing or covering Consu' songs, please email her at