Nov 20 - NEW

Here is my new song 'I Wish You All The Happiness In This World dedicated to my nephew :-)

June 20

I am really enjoying learning Spanish and singing in this sexy language. Here are a couple of covers i recorded for fun:

Besame Mucho & Solamen Una Vez

Apr/May 20  

At last, I have found a platform to sell my

music :-)

Please click on the top tab Buy my music to buy my Bittersweet Ep. I'll be uploading more music in the coming weeks!

I have also found a platform to upload my lyrics on, so you can sing along to my songs ;-)

*NEW* songs

During the lockdown, i actually got quite cretive and isnpired. I recorded an old song Talk to Me

and composed a song inspired by the emotions i have been feeling during the coronavirus emergency:

We'll Be In Each Other's Arms Again

I have also recorded the Italian version of the same song Io Ringrazio 

Would you like to sing along to Almost Isn't Good Enough? Here is the backing track (i'll find the way to add my lyrics to my webpage soon!):

Almost Isn't Good Enough backing track

August 2018

When I belonged to Sid Vale Choir, we were filmed as part of Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub project to publicise Sea Fest, a festival dedicated to sea life that occurs in Sidmouth every year in May. Here are the videos:

Herrings Head

Crossing the Bar

January 2018

I was asked to compose an instrumental piece to support a campaign to save the Sidmouth Drill Hall.

April 2017

My instrumental Amore Mio will have Italian words one day, as I have created it inspired by my parents' love story.

March 2016

Here is a video of me on holiday in Sicily, playing my song Short but Intense.

Ciao world, I am a pianist, composer & songwriter (singing on some of my records). My music is piano based. Amongst my discography you will find instrumentals, songs in English, Italian, ballads, rock and pop melodies, with a bitter-sweet edge. I take inspitarion from an array of different styles. Click Biog to read more.


Please let me know what you think of my music. You can contact me directly on: To enquire regarding licencing my music, please contact my publisher Doris Brendel on Sky Rocket Records.



Thank you for stopping by!


Discography (click on the song links below to listen to that tune)


Bittersweet EP

Recorded at the Vip Lounge by engineer and producer Dare Mason in Penzanc.

This version of 'Almost Isn't Good Enough' was re-recorded by producer Joe Grouse in Dorset and mastered by Dick Beetham of 360 Mastering


I Told You That I LoveYou

Some Things Should Be Left Unsaid

Keep it 4 Yourself (Explicit lyrics)

I'll Say It My Way

Fearless Zone (Explicit lyrics)

Almost Isn't Good Enough



Film / TV music


Sidmouth Drill Hall



Amore Mio



Piano 2



EP 2

Recorded in Swanage by mixer / engineer and producer Gareth Matthews of GMMIX


Box Of Happy thoughts

Short But Intense

More Than Fun

See The Light

If I Remember


Commercial Songs

I am not singing on tracks 3, 4 & 5. 'Every Step Of The Way' was recorded and mixed by Matthew Adams. It was sung by the amazing Yamit Mamo

'We'll Be In Each Other's Arms Again' was inspired by the emotions lived through the coronavirus outbreak and dedicated to all key workers


I Wish You All The Happiness In This World NEW

Talk to Me

We'll Be In Each Other's Arms Again

Every Step Of The Way

Gotta Loosen Up

Aries (Ode To Jimbo)



Italian Songs (I am not singing on track 2)

'Kiodofisso' was recorded and mixed by Matteo Gabbianelli of kuTzo (Italian band based in Rome).

'Io Ringrazio' is the italian version of 'We'll Be In Each Other's Arms Again' on the Coronavirus outbreak.


Io Ringrazio



All songs on this website © Consuelo Scivoletto - Cordey (Consu)