June 21st 2021

I'll be premiering a documentary on

'My journey writing a Christmas single' as part of the marvellous Make Music Day free worldwide event that celerates music!


I will go live just before the premier of the documentary, after it is finished, and after the premier of the song to answer questions. Join me and share you songwriting stories!


The documentary will premier on my YouTube channel at 18:00 BST


The song will premier on my YouTube channel at 18:30 BST


Here's a trailer of the documentary to tickle your curiosity 😉


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Hope to see you on the night!


All the best,

Consu 🤘🏻





April 2021

The Christmas song I have been working on since last Christmas is finished and it is sounding epic! I can't air it right now, as it hasn't been released yet. I am just pitching it with a hope that it'll end up in a TV advert, movie, compilations so you can dance to it!  Wish me luck :-D


Nov 2020 - *NEW* songs

During the lockdown, i actually got quite cretive and isnpired. I composed a song 'I Wish You All The Happiness In This World dedicated to my nephew.


I also composed a song inspired by the emotions i have been feeling during the coronavirus emergency:

We'll Be In Each Other's Arms Again

and recorded the Italian version of the same song Io Ringrazio 


Would you like to sing along to Almost Isn't Good Enough? Here is the backing track (i'll find the way to add my lyrics to my webpage soon!):

Almost Isn't Good Enough backing track


August 2018

When I belonged to Sid Vale Choir, we were filmed as part of Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub project to publicise Sea Fest, a festival dedicated to sea life that occurs in Sidmouth every year in May. Here are the videos:

Herrings Head

Crossing the Bar


January 2018

I was asked to compose an instrumental piece to support a campaign to save the Sidmouth Drill Hall.


April 2017

My instrumental Amore Mio will have Italian words one day, as I have created it inspired by my parents' love story.

Ciao world 😊


I am a classically trained pianist and songwriter from Milan, based in the UK. I am a graduate in Music Recording from Salford University, where I majored in Composition and Production. 


I write commercial and non-mainstrem compositions. I have a home studio and use Pro Tools to compose, record and produce. I am available to discuss collabroations with a view to do remixes on my existing work, re-work any of my compositions to suit a project, and to work on new material. 


All my compositions are available for licencing, and to be covered. If interested, please get in touch via


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Commercial Songs

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Italian Songs

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Bittersweet EP

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"Connie's talent is emotive singing-songwriting that could transcend the bridge between Radio 2 and Classic FM. You can imagine the songs on her six-track EP, Bittersweet, getting the full widescreen production job with strings".


Bournemouth Daily Echo by Sarah Cartlidge, who wrote:
"...Bittersweet makes for imaginative and atmospheric listening(look at my Biog to read the full review).

"From Milan to Manchester to Penzance, singer/songwriter CONSUELO Scivoletto has pursued her musical ambitions with admirable determination. The Bittersweet EP is her first endeavour into the public domain, showcasing six stark yet effective, piano-driven songs of melancholy and hope steeped in classical, folk and pop leanings. The likes of Keep It 4 Yourself reveal a rich, textured voice with echoes of female luminaries such as Liz Fraser, Dolores O'Riordan and Alanis Morissette, but it's Consuelo's strong Italian accent that lends a unique flavour and power to the songs. It seems as if all the hard work and travelling is paying off. Kudos to you." BB


EP 2

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If I Remember  was a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest in 2002! 🤘🏻


"Italian-borne singer-songwriter Consuelo is completely at ease veering from edgy to soft and melodic in a heartbeat" (look at my Biog to read the full review).



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