Dear friends, I hope my music will bring you comfort during this difficult times of coronavirus. Please stay in and stay safe, for yourself, your family and your community. Feel free to email me if you feel lonely or anxious. It'll all be fine, we'll get out of this. Take care :-)


Thank you for helping me reach over 2000 views :-)


Thank you for helping me reach 1000 viewers!


I belong to Sid Vale Choir and we were filmed as part of Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub project to publicise Sea Fest, a festival dedicated to sea life that occurs in Sidmouth every year in May. We sung two songs 'Herrings Head' & ' Crossing the Bar'. Here are the videos:

Herrings Head

Crossing the Bar

Enjoy it :-)



I have been asked to compose an instrumental piece to support a campaign to save the Sidmouth Drill Hall (this is what it's all about: Sidmouth Drill Hall).

An instrumental piece was borne this day. I'm practicing it to record a good take :-D


Happy New Year everyone :-)

Buon Anno a tutti!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Buon Natale a tutti :-)


Finally!!! My shop is here :-)

You have been kindly asking me where you could buy my songs. you can easily click on the shop tab at the top of my web page, and this will take you to Sellfy where you will be able to buy my EPs:

* Bittersweet;

* EP 2;

* Film Music EP;

* Commercial Songs.

In Sellfy you can listen to the songs before you buys the EPs, you can donate more than its price if you are feeling generous and want to help my music career, so I can produce more songs for you to enjoy, and pay securely via Paypal.

At this stage, I can only afford to run the shop this way and have no room to list single songs. I hope to have a proper website and shop soon, when I manage to collect enough money from my music sales.

Thank you in advance for your support and please do not copy my music for your friends/family. It has taken me a lot of efforts to study, compose, record, with a lot of sacrifices.

All the best for Christmas and happy 2017 to you all :-D


My new instrumental Amore Mio will have Italian words one day, as I have created it inspired by my parents, for my parents :-)


Thank you to everyone who has viewed my web page. To date I have had over 300 views, happy me :-D

As a little present, here is a video of me on holiday in Sicily, playing my 'Short but Intense' song


I just wanted to thank all the people of the world who have visited my web page, and have streamed and bought my music. Distrokid tells me that from March '15 to Feb '16 I have earned $1.63!! Not a lottery win, but still very humbled that my music is being appreciated by people I have never met, or spoken to, in a corner of the world!

I hope to extend my web page to a proper website soon with e-commerce, a business email, videos, a shop and more. Please hang in there with me, and please keep spreading the love :-D

Ciao thank you for visiting my webpage :-)



I am a pianist, composer & singer-songwriter. My music is piano based. Amongst my discography you will find instrumentals, songs in English, Italian, ballads, rock and pop melodies, with a bitter-sweet edge. I take inspitarion from an array of different styles. Please visit by Biog to read more.



You can contact me direct on: and I will contact my publisher Doris Brendel.


Discography (click on the song links below to listen to that tune):


Bittersweet EP     

(Composed, sung and piano played by Consu)


I Told You That I LoveYou

Some Things Should Be Left Unsaid

Keep it 4 Yourself (Explicit lyrics)

I'll Say It My Way

Fearless Zone (Explicit lyrics)

Almost Isn't Good Enough



Film / TV music

(Instrumentals, piano based, composed and played by Consu)


Sidmouth Drill Hall   -  *NEW*



Amore Mio



Piano 2




EP 2

(Composed, sung and piano played by Consu)

Box Of Happy thoughts

Short But Intense

More Than Fun

See The Light

If I Remember


Commercial Songs (I am not singing on tracks 1,2, 3 & 4)

(Composed, and piano played by Consu)


Every Step Of The Way

Gotta Loosen Up

Aries (Ode To Jumbo)


Kiodofisso (Italian)

All songs on this website © Consuelo Scivoletto-Cordey (Consu)